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Spot and Stalk

Spot and stalk is pure authentic hunting. It's often a great challenge for a hunter.

Stalking, still hunting, is hunting on foot, without the aid of a pre-built blind or stand.

While they are different hunting techniques this hunting often blends together depending on how the hunt plays out. First you could be trying to spot the game, then to slip within range, or you may find yourself waiting hoping to intersect and ambush a moving deer. 

In large, open, or mountainous areas hunters often use spot and stalk. The game is located from a long distance with binoculars or spotting scopes. Next a careful stalk is planned to try to get within range. Hunting this way you look for opportunities, and you make changes to take advantage of them. Your prey may start moving or change the direction of it's movement. 

Whitetails can be especially difficult to hunt this way.

You'll need all the most authentic hunting skills, and all the deer hunting tips you can find. But if you don't like sitting on a stand; if you like a challenge; it can be fun.

Whitetails are often in denser areas and spotted at shorter range. Similar spot-n-stalk ideas are used, but the distances are often less.

How many deer do you see?
For the answer scroll down to the bottom.

Whitetails have a super sense of smell, sensitive ears, and good wide-angle eyesight. Even the most careful hunter will leave his scent, move, and make some noise; this can put deer on "high alert" for days. I spotted these deer while driving, took the picture, but didn't realize how many until I enlarged and analyzed the picture.

If you must hunt where others hunt;
spot and stalk may not be a good plan.

Be considerate; other hunters may have invested a lot of time in a stand..., don't spoil it for them. It could also be dangerous to slip around (like an animal) with other hunters around.

To win at this game you must think ahead, 
and use every advantage you can.

Some wind is good; always in your face; never on your back. Wind helps to move your scent and sound away from where you are going.

Use your eyes and ears intensely; looking for any movement, shape, or sound. Make your movements very slow, quiet, and planned. Don't move and look at the same time! Concentrate on one thing, moving or looking, not both.

Be very patient, traveling only a few steps before times of being still, looking, listening again. You must see the prey before it sees you.

When possible stay in the shadows, with the sun coming from your back, into your prey's eyes.

Use cover; not just in front, also behind, to "break-up" your human form. Never walk in the open, if you must; make your exposure as brief as possible.

Eliminate all but the most essential gear.

Clothing and gear; especially foot-gear, needs to be versatile, comfortable, and quiet. How, when, and where you hunt will dictate what is needed. Binoculars; for example, are a burden in some places and essential in others.

Camo clothing is helpful; face-mask and gloves are good, but they can be uncomfortable; the mask may restrict your vision. Some hunters wear camo make-up.

Learn to read the deer's body language, know their habits, ... Know the area's vegetation, terrain, ... You need many skills, considerable knowledge, and a little luck to have any success.

Stalking, still hunts; with a gun are challenging; with a bow, the ultimate at score-your-hunting.

Some are really difficult to see; especially in this small picture. I was there and did't see half of them. There were actually 12 or more who spooked a few seconds after the picture. #1,2,3, are easy to see, I spotted them at 40 MPH. I didn't see #4 until I magnified the photo and realized that #3 had 4 ears. #5 is fairly easy to see, #6 is above the number standing, but #7 is also standing behind some brush and the clue is the horizontal line of her back. #8 is only a rounded hump showing and most difficult to spot.

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